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Patio Q | BBQ on my Patio

Faux Burnt Ends. 


When cooking a brisket, the flat is sliced. Often, the point is cubed, sauced, and placed back on the cooker.  These are called “Brunt Ends”.  I like taking country style

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Hot wings


16 pounds.    Made with pepper jelly, orange juice  marinade.  Basted with the marinade while cooking. 

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YS640 Restored.

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Almost Competition Chicken


I trimmer up the excess fat and skin, then lifted the skin to get rub on the meat, laid the skin back out, and sprinkled on more rub both sides.

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Just a few Pork RIbs!


If I remember, I had 4 racks of ribs on the YS1500.  I pulled them, flipped over to cut (I always cut from behind) and stacked them in the pan. 

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New Cooker in Town; YS1500


This is THE cooker.  Yoder YS1500 Pellet cooker.  Two shelves and even temperatures from left to right and top to bottom. Now there is NO problem cooking a huge amount

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Spatchcock Turkey!


Spatchcock Turkey. Spatchcock means to cut out the back bone. Take kitchen shears, and cut just either side of the backbone. Flip the bird over and push down hard to

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Faux Burnt Ends


Two things you might not know; Burnt ends are tasty morsels made from the “Point” of a beef brisket. Faux means Fake, or substitute. These we made from Country Style

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Cooking for Jesus! Church Sunday Dinner!


I put these four eight pound butts on and planed 18-19 hours to be over at 9AM.  Nothing doing.  They all ran slow.  I pulled them at 11:15, pulled right

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Just a couple of RIBS

ribs 3

Have not posted in a while, but a blog is a great way to share information. So here we have a pair of St. Louis cut ribs.  Pork ribs are

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