BBQ for Jesus YS1500

This is a picture of my YS1500 pellet cooker.  I do a lot of cooking for my church, and they seem to love it.  Some say i have them spoiled, but I don’t think so.

Jesus said “what you have done for the least of these, you have done for me” Thus the sign “BBQ for Jesus”


Chopped Style

Judges, Today I have prepared for you Spatchcocked Chicken Smoked on a YS640, Steamed broccoli, and Red Lobster Style Biscuits.

Ribs on the YS640

Just some St. Louis Cut ribs on the YS640 pellet grill.  No spray, no wrap, no butter and sugar.  just load them up, shut the door, and let the Yoder do it’s magic. 

Yoder Fried Chicken (Almost)

Seasoned up some chicken thighs,

Tossed them on my YS640

And after a couple of hours;